1 Year Subscription to Diabetes Forecast Magazine (6) issues

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1 Year Subscription to Diabetes Forecast Magazine (6) issues

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Diabetes Forecast is a magazine that is dedicated to awareness of diabetes and general healthy living. The magazine publishes articles related to diabetes research, as well as countless recipes meant for those with diabetes.

Diabetes Forecast is known well for publishing articles related to diabetes research. One recent article looks at the effects of gastric bypass surgery on patients with type 2 diabetes. Other articles instruct readers on how they can use exercise and proper nutrition to minimize the effects of diabetes. The magazines health experts also focus on other aspects of health, including stress relief, heart health, weight loss, and others.

Readers of Diabetes Forecast are treated to countless recipes and articles on food and nutrition. Published in the magazine are recipes for favorites like deli wraps and Turkey Stroganoff, a take on a famous Russian dish, that utilize healthy ingredients. Also included are recipes for desserts like Peach Melba and refreshing drinks like Agua Fresca that are safe for those who must watch their insulin levels. Diabetes Forecast contains articles about food and nutrition in general, such as one article that talks about healthy ways one might add fish to a diet.

A subscription to Diabetes Forecast makes a great gift for anyone who would like access to helpful articles about new diabetes research and countless recipes for those with diabetes.

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