1 Year Subscription to Garden & Gun Magazine (6) issues

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1 Year Subscription to Garden & Gun Magazine (6) issues

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Garden and Gun is a magazine that focuses on the culture of the Southern United States. The magazine features articles on sporting culture, Southern food and drink, music and art from the South, as well as travel and vacation opportunities in the area.

Garden and Gun is known well for its articles on the sporting culture of the South. Writers are often experts in sports like hunting, fishing, hiking, and boating. One article titled Best of the Sporting South offers readers a list of the best wild forests for hunting in the South. Many articles in the magazine are dedicated to protecting the natural resources of the South so that they can be enjoyed by future generations.

Readers of Garden and Gun are treated to articles about the food and drink of the Southern United States. Each issue provides recipes that teach readers how to create classic Southern dishes like fried chicken and churros with different twists and techniques. One article instructs readers on how to impress guests with a Southern-style dinner party. Garden and Gun even informs readers about new and established restaurants they could dine at that are on the top of every culinary experts list.

Garden and Gun is known for its entertaining articles about Southern music and art. One article talks about the new artists and sounds coming out of Nashville, Tennessee, a city known well for its musical heritage. One writer tries to create the Ultimate Dixie Playlist, pasting together songs from several different genres that relate to the South. Garden and Gun publishes reviews of Southern artists who are growing in popularity like Wendell Berry and Robert Harling.

Included in Garden and Gun are helpful tips for readers who are planning a vacation to the South. One article called Southern Summer Escapes lists both popular and not-so-popular places in the South where one can go to get away from a busy life. The article features small towns, hidden beaches, back-road adventures, and more.

A subscription to Garden and Gun makes a great gift for anyone who is interested in Southern culture, whether they enjoy spending time hunting and fishing or find fascination in the Souths unique towns and cities.

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