1 Year Subscription to Health Magazine (10) issues

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1 Year Subscription to Health Magazine (10) issues

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Health Magazine is an American womens health magazine that was first published in 1981. The magazines writers focus on physical and mental health, fitness, nutrition, and beauty to ensure that readers remain in good health.

Health Magazine is known well for the recipes and advice on nutrition that is published with each issue. The magazine has offered countless healthy recipes and workout plans for women of different levels of fitness to help them get the bodies they wish for. Health does not just offer workout plans, but advice on how to incorporate different weight loss techniques into a program like dancing and yoga.

Readers of Health Magazine are treated to articles about beauty and fashion. The writers of Health review products that keep skin healthy and delay aging of the face for women. The magazine also provides hair and makeup tips as well as advice on which products to use. Health publishes advice from celebrities like Jillian Michaels and Julia Louis-Dreyfus on how to make their celebrity looks work for readers at home.

Health publishes articles about mental and physical health. Its writers cover the effects that things like sleep, stress, and relationships have on a womans long term health. Articles titled 5 Ways to Create a More Peaceful Home and Stay Active with Your Kids help readers to live healthier family lives. Health offers advice from healthcare professionals about which illnesses women should be getting screened for and why.

A subscription to Health Magazine makes a great gift for any woman who is conscious of her health and is interested in improving it.

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