1 Year Subscription to Men's Health Magazine (12) issues

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1 Year Subscription to Men's Health Magazine (12) issues

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You will receive your 1st issue in about 4 weeks. But it normally arrives sooner. 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Mens Health magazine is the best selling mens magazine on newsstands in the United States. The magazine publishes articles mainly on fitness and nutrition to help readers achieve their health goals. Mens Health also focuses on lifestyle topics like dating and mens fashion.

Mens Health magazine is known well for the scientific approach that its writers take to the subject. One recent article talks about sun protection mistakes that are often made when people go outdoors and offers techniques that work. Another article meant for men who live active lives gives tips for getting a better sleep and naturally having more energy.

Many of the articles in Mens Health deal with fitness and nutrition. Each issue provides workout plans and detailed guides for effective exercises to help readers build muscle and lose fat quickly. One article gives offers ideas for working out outdoors or in the house so that readers can avoid having to go to the gym. The magazines articles about nutrition outline which foods will contribute to or hinder certain fitness goals like building muscle or losing weight.

Readers of Mens Health are treated to lifestyle articles written specifically for men. Several of these articles gives tips for improving on a relationship or getting into one, while others are much more scientifically complex. One article talks about the effects of both serious dating and one-night stands on long-term health.

A subscription to Mens Health magazine makes a great gift for any man who places importance on his long-term health and fitness.

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