1 Year Subscription to Money Magazine (12) issues

1 Year Subscription to Money Magazine (12) issues

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1 Year Subscription to Money Magazine (12) issues

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Money Magazine is a magazine first published in 1972 that is dedicated to personal finance. The magazines experts cover investments, saving and family planning, as well as business news and news about the economy.

Money Magazine is known well for the investment tips and advice that are contained in each issue. The magazine contains information about popular stocks compiled by experts who know not just how the stocks are performing but why they are failing or succeeding. One recent article takes a look at how higher interest rates affect both the banks and the consumer, and whether or not investing at this time is a smart decision.

Readers of Money Magazine are treated to expert information about saving and family planning. The magazine provides information about housing markets and which towns and cities are ripe for real estate investments. Money is becoming increasingly popular because of its Annual list of Americas Best Places to Live. Also provided is information about building credit, saving for retirement, and investing in higher education for the children.

Money Magazine is known for offering business news and relating events in the business world to the everyday consumer. Coverage is offered of laws passed by Congress like the Affordable Care Act that might affect the ways in which consumers save and spend their money. Also offered is information about giant companies like Microsoft whose internal affairs send ripples throughout the entire technology industry.

A subscription to Money makes a great gift for anyone who is serious about saving and investing and is interested in news about the economy that affects consumers everywhere in the country.

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