1 Year Subscription to Parents Magazine (12) issues

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1 Year Subscription to Parents Magazine (12) issues

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Parents is a magazine that publishes scientific information on child development to inform parents who wish to raise their children in the healthiest ways possible. It focuses on child health, safety, behavior, education, and more. The magazine also provides health information for women who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant.

Parents is known mainly for the information it provides about child health. Each issue of the magazine contains advice and information written by trusted pediatricians. Recent articles go into detail about keeping infants hydrated in the summer and dressing infants properly for sleep. Parents is also known for its child safety tips, providing information about which cars, car accessories, and pets are most child-friendly.

Parents has published countless articles about child behavior and education. These articles, like one titled How to Give Time-Outs, contain tips for providing discipline in ways that build respect. The magazine provides tips for making sure children are keeping up with their reading, writing, test-taking, and homework. When their kids get older, parents go to the magazine for valuable information about choosing the right high schools and colleges. Readers consult Parents for its articles about womens health and pregnancy. The magazine offers advice for couples who are trying to get pregnant as well as information from doctors about how to maintain a healthy pregnancy at every week of the journey.

A subscription to Parents makes a great gift for any woman who is trying to have a healthy pregnancy and would benefit from a wealth of resources about parenting in the future.

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