1 Year Subscription to Town and Country Magazine (10) issues

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1 Year Subscription to Town and Country Magazine (10) issues

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Town and Country is a monthly American lifestyle magazine. The magazine contains general interest pieces, articles on style and fashion, and articles on leisure and the arts.

Town and Country is known for its well-written general interest pieces. The magazine focuses on financial issues, politics, culture, and much more. One lighthearted article looks at the handshaking of anyone from world leaders to movie stars to determine what exactly makes a successful handshake. On a more serious note, an article titled Obamas Next Picks? speculates on who might be our next foreign ambassadors.

Each issue of Town and Country contains articles on style and fashion. The magazines fashion experts share with readers their must have items and accessories for each season. Town and Country includes features on beauty treatments from around the world that might just take hold in America.

Readers of Town and Country are treated to articles on leisure and the arts. Often included in the magazine are features on popular travel locations both in the United States and around the world. Also included are features on popular artists as well as emerging restaurants and cuisines.

A subscription to Town and Country makes a great gift for anyone who is interested in American culture and would enjoy well-written articles on anything from politics to art.

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