1 Year Subscription to Vanity Fair Magazine (12) issues

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1 Year Subscription to Vanity Fair Magazine (12) issues

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Vanity Fair is an American magazine that is devoted to cultural topics. Featured in the magazine are articles on business and current events, entertainment, and style. Vanity Fair is known well for publishing articles on business and current events. One article titled The New Establishment covers fifty companies that are making waves in the worlds of media, technology, and culture. Many of the articles in Vanity Fair are devoted to political topics, such as one that covers the fiftieth anniversary of the shooting of John F. Kennedy in which the writer comments that special remembrances are both too much and not enough.

Each issue of Vanity Fair contains articles on American entertainment. Many of these articles cover Hollywood and the film industry. One article focuses on Hollywoods attempts to start a racial conversation where politics have failed. Other, more lighthearted articles on topics in American entertainment asks questions like what are the most mentioned brands in Jay Zs songs?

Readers of Vanity Fair are treated to articles on style. One recent article focuses on the evolution of Nicole Kidmans style, evolving from that of a Young Aussie to that of a Hollywood Queen. Other articles look at trends that are emerging at events such as New Yorks annual Fashion Week.

A subscription to Vanity Fair makes a great gift for anyone who does not want to fall behind in terms of their knowledge of cultural trends. 

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