4 Years Subscription to Seventeen Magazine (20) issues

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4 Years Subscription to Seventeen Magazine (20) issues

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Seventeen Magazine is an American magazine written for teenagers that was first published in 1944. The magazine features articles about beauty and fashion, relationship advice, and articles on health and fitness.

Seventeen Magazine is known well for its articles on beauty and fashion. The magazine regularly publishes fashion advice from popular celebrities like Lily Collins. Also offered are shoe guides and guides for other accessories that provide information about costs and stores that carry the products in the guides. The writers at Seventeen publish reviews of makeup and other beauty products so that readers know which products work and which do not.

Seventeen is also known for publishing advice on dating and relationships. The magazine publishes date ideas for couples who want to have fun and romantic nights out together. Also published is advice for couples who feel like they are growing apart and want to repair their relationships.

Readers of Seventeen Magazine are treated to articles on health and fitness. Workout advice is provided by professionals on proven weight loss and fitness techniques. Many articles explore ways in which popular celebrities are exercising, sharing their fitness secrets with readers.

A subscription to Seventeen makes a great gift for any teenage girl who is interested in beauty, fashion, celebrities, and fitness.

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