6 Month Subscription to Bicycling Magazine (5) issues

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6 Month Subscription to Bicycling Magazine (5) issues

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Bicycling is a magazine first issued in 1964 that is dedicated to the sport of cycling. The magazine features coverage of international cycling competitions, reviews of bikes and cycling gear, and articles on training and nutrition.

The writers at Bicycling publish coverage of professional cycling competitions taking place around the world. Detailed coverage is provided of the Tour de France, complete with photographs and interviews with the cyclists. Also published is news related to lesser-known competitions and cyclists who are up and coming in the sport.

Bicycling is known for publishing helpful reviews of bikes and cycling gear. The magazine publishes extensive reviews of bikes from all of the major manufacturers, from top-rate performance bikes to bikes that are meant for cruising on city streets like the Pashley Sonnet Bliss. Bicycling is known for publishing exclusive first rides and first looks at bikes that are to be released in the coming months. Also provided are reviews of gear and accessories like mobile tool kits for riders who need to make repairs on the go.

Readers of Bicycling are treated to articles on training and nutrition. One article focuses on training specifically for races that involve long and steep climbs. Information is provided by the magazines writers on foods and drinks that make for effective energy production and muscle recovery. One article explores common myths and truths about the links between coffee and training.

A subscription to Bicycling makes a great gift for anyone who is interested in the sport of cycling, whether they are an expert or are just starting out.

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