6 Month Subscription to Fast Company Magazine (5) issues

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6 Month Subscription to Fast Company Magazine (5) issues

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You will receive your 1st issue in about 4 weeks. But it normally arrives sooner. 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Fast Company is a full-color business magazine that has won numerous industry awards. Featured in the magazine are articles on topics in business success, design, and technology.

Fast Company is known well for publishing advice meant to help readers become successful in the business world. This advice covers anything from turning awkward networking situations into positive ones to improving time management and productivity among employees. One recent article focuses on ways in which businesses can reach out to potential new customers in ways that leave them open to doing business.

Readers of Fast Company are treated to articles on topics in product design. These articles explore real world design decisions that have proven successful and praise worthy, as well as decisions that could have gone differently. One writer asks the question, Every phone on the planet has an airplane mode- so why not do the same for a car?

Each issue of Fast Company contains features on topics in technology, especially as they relate to the business world. These features explore new and innovative products that are likely to shape commodity markets, like one food scanner that provides users with detailed nutritional information and lists of ingredients for anything they scan.

A subscription to Fast Company makes a great gift for anyone in the business world who wants to be kept up to date on all of the latest trends in technology and design.

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