6 Month Subscription to Flying Magazine (6) issues

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6 Month Subscription to Flying Magazine (6) issues

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Flying is a monthly magazine that is devoted to aviation. The magazine publishes features on aircraft, reviews of aviation gear, and guides for various aviation techniques.

Flying is known well for publishing features on aircraft. One recent feature uncovers the amazing stories behind some of the rarest airplanes in the world, including the de Havillard Mosquito, also known as the Wooden Wonder. Other articles focus on planes that are currently in production, such as the Citation M2, which is being manufactured by Cessna.

Readers of Flying are treated to professionally written reviews of aviation gear. The magazines experts publish detailed reviews of essential gear such as GPS systems and engine value indicators. One recent entry compares cases and mounts for the iPad that make use of the device in the cockpit more practical.

Each issue of Flying contains articles on various aviation techniques. One recent entry titled Dont Rush the Preflight reminds readers about all of the things they must do before taking off to ensure they will have safe flights. Many of the articles deal with pilots who were forced to make emergency landings, some of whom did not make it out alive.

A subscription to Flying makes a great gift for anyone who is interested in the art of aviation, whether they are a professional pilot or are just starting out.

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